2019 EDPNA CEU Requirements

To receive direct fee payment, you must take and report to us the completion of certain continuing education courses. These courses should enhance your professional knowledge in matters related to entitlement to, or eligibility for, benefits based on disability under titles II and XVI of the Act. The continuing education courses must meet the standards that we prescribe. We select courses to enhance your professional knowledge in matters such as benefits, ethics, the listings of impairments, and other disability topics under titles II and XVI. These courses may be completed in person, online, or by reviewing written course materials. Courses must be completed and produced during the current reporting period.

Additional 2019 CEU Requirements

All other 2019 CEU requirements are listed below and can also be found on the CPS website HERE:

Course 2: Relevant Dates (Course Summary)

  • View the video: Relevant Dates
  • Read: 20 CFR 404.630 – Use of date of written statement as filing date.
  • Read: 20 CFR 404-1582 – A period of disability based on blindness.
  • Read: SSR 18-01p – Titles II and XVI: Determining the Established Onset Date (EOD) in Disability Claims.
  • Read: SSR-18-02p – Titles II and XVI: Determining the Established Onset Date (EOD) in Blindness Claims .
  • Read: POMS DI 10105.070 – Waiting Period for Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB).
  • Read: POMS DI 25501.400 – Established Onset Date (EOD) and Unsuccessful Work Attempts (UWA).
  • Read: POMS GN 00204.030 – Retroactivity for Title II Benefits.

Course 3: Program Uniformity at the Hearing and Appeals Council Levels (Course Summary)

The following material is provided for your convenience:

Course 4: Submission of Evidence (Course Summary)

Source: https://secure.cpshr.us/ssa/Education.asp

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