Maximize Your Profits With Dibcase

If you’re not using Dibcase to track your billable hours, you’re probably losing money For a variety of reasons, fee petitions are becoming more necessary than ever in Social Security disability cases. Are you getting paid for all the work you do? With billable rates potentially running at $200 or more an hour, you can’t […]

Step 3: Know Your Listings

Running a profitable advocacy business series:Knowing how Social Security evaluates medical conditions and the order in which the sequential evaluation process is applied, is an essential skill for a disability advocate. Understanding the “listings” at Step 3 is the focus of this article. Every advocate should be familiarize herself with the 5-step sequential process for […]

How to profitably screen Social Security disability clients

De Minimis Guideline for Disability and Eligibility: The first step in the process of staying profitable as a Social Security disability (SSD) representative is choosing a client that meets at least the minimum guidelines for disability and eligibility. A minimal guideline for accepting a client is that he/she is not working, or at least at […]

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