Development Notes: 09/02/2018 Custom Fields and Custom Field Groups

We are excited to announce that we now have custom fields and custom field groups to organize your case management workload.

Now, you can create custom field groups to handle any situation. Some examples for Social Security practitioners could include:

1. Overpayments

2. Briefs

3. Post-Hearing

4. Medical Reviews

These custom field groups allow you to track custom workloads that fit the unique requirements of your firm. In addition to tracking custom information, you can also set “Deadlines” that can be tracked from the dashboard.

In addition, custom field groups can be used to expand your practice areas. Examples include:

1. Divorce

2. Criminal Law

3. Personal Injury

4. Auto Accidents

We are excited about this new functionality and we’re sure you’ll be too. We’ll be publishing more about this exciting new feature in the near future.


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