Dibcase Officially Sponsors NADR

Dibcase is proud to announce our corporate sponsorship of NADR. We share a common mission of helping Social Security advocates. NADR offers it members with professional education, skill enhancement, political action, and networking opportunities. According to their literature…

NADR is an association like no other. We are a group of dedicated professional representatives from across the U.S. that are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients, while helping to support and encourage each other toward greater success.

At a national level, we are committed to legislative action that supports disability claimants’ rights, and protects our members’ professional interest. We have a long standing positive relationship with the Social Security Administration, as well as key legislators involved in committees that affect Social Security. In fact, NADR’s legislative committee spent many years advocating for fee withholding and parity for non-attorney representatives and it is largely because of our legislative actions that Public Law 111-142 was passed in 2010, securing the EDPNA program and SSI fee withholding for attorneys. Go NADR!

From NADR’s beginning in 2000 with only 35 representative professionals, we have grown to serve nearly 650 members today. In addition to our legislative efforts, we offer training, continuing education and many other resources for our membership. Each spring, we hold our annual Security Law Conference and each fall we hold a Networking Weekend, both of which always prove to be informative and fun! You can find details on upcoming events at nadr.org.

NADR is committed to serving the memberships’ needs in the areas of professional education, skill enhancement and political action. We take our mission very seriously. On the other hand, we are real people; a group of professionals that enjoys the support and camaraderie of our fellow colleagues.

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