What Is An EDPNA?

EDPNA stands for eligible for direct pay non-attorney.

How Does One Become an EDPNA?

An individual with the EDPNA designation has passed a competency test on Social Security rules, laws, and regulations. To maintain an EDPNA designation, an individual must take continuing education courses annually and maintain professional liability insurance.

EDPNA applicants must also pass a background investigation, have no felonies, and meet certain experience and education requirements see: https://secure.cpshr.us/ssa/About.asp

What Benefits Does the EDPNA Designation Confer?

The EDPNA designation allows an individual to represent clients in disability cases and be paid a fee directly by Social Security. If you represent a client, have submitted a “representation package” consisting of valid (signed) forms SSA-1696 and an acceptable fee agreement, Social Security can withhold from a client’s back-pay up to 25% of the funds and pay you – the representative a representation fee of up to $6,000.00. Non-attorney representatives are not eligible for automatic fee withholding with the EDPNA certification.

For more information see: https://secure.cpshr.us/ssa/About.asp

What Background or Experience Does One Need to Become an EDPNA?

EDPNA’s come from all walks of life. Experience as a paralegal, former SSA employees, former DAS disability adjudicators, and people with a Social Work or mental health background will be able to utilize their experience in a meaningful way.


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