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Dibcase Enterprise Edition

Are you ready to grow your team and expand you business?
Dibcase Enterprise Edition can take you there.

Feature Highlights

With Dibcase Enterprise, your firm will have it’s own server hosted on the AWS platform for security and reliability. We setup, configure, and maintain your server for you. Elastic computing ensures you’ll never run out of power to run your organization.

Is your team scattered all over? If so, that’s not a problem with Dibcase Enterprise Edition. Your primary firm can be located in one city and you can have branch offices, units, and contractors in any location. Your team can conveniently and securely work from any location.

When you expose your most valuable assets -your clients information to multiple parties, you inherently create risk. With Dibcase we help you mitigate that risk by creating a “walled garden” where branches, units, and contractors have separate workspaces. These separate workspaces only interact with clients and client information that has been explicitly shared with them by the primary firm.

Each work unit, branch, or contractor has access to all of the tools of Dibcase. As the administrator or those you delegate that authority to, you can delegate and track work, monitor productivity, and measure results for all of your cases.

In larger organizations you have to create processes and workflows to manage a high volume of cases. With Dibcase you could create an intake unit, appeals unit, federal court unit, fees unit, or any grouping of resources to help you better manage your organization.

At Dibcase we realize that your organization may have special needs and requirements. Our team has the ability to customize Dibcase to fit the unique needs of your organization.

Competitors in this space are few and command a premium price for their solutions. Dibcase pricing is contigent on the size and unique needs of your firm. Our pricing for our small firm and solo options are very competitive as is our enterprise pricing. A sales consultant can help you decide what your needs are and craft the right solution for you.

If you need custom development or integrations with other applications your firm uses, our development team has you covered.

Whether its accounting software, marketing, or leads applications, our team can connect Dibcase through their API or build one for you.

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