• Can Dibcase be installed on a local server?

    Yes, Dibcase can be installed on a local server. Contact Us for more details.

  • Does Dibcase Include Social Security Forms?

    Yes, Dibcase includes most forms you’ll need to effectively manage your Social Security caseload. You can use the internal forms ranging from the SSA-561, SSA-501, Fee Agreement, RFC Forms, Status Letters, 3rd Party Letters, SSA-3288, and many more. Also, you can directly link to external forms on websites, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Internal forms can be combined to produce a  “rep package”  that contains an SSA-1696, Fee Agreement, SSA-1695, and an SSA-827 for easy generation.

  • Does Dibcase offer a free trial?

    We offer a limited “free account” option so you can determine if Dibcase is the right fit for your needs. Our free account is limited to 25 clients and up to 6 months.  After you exceed the user count or time limit, you can easily transition into a paid account.

    To create a free account, click here

  • Does Dibcase store documents?

    Dibcase allows you to create, edit, and store an unlimited amount of documents in the application. You can print or export these documents easily on a Mac or Windows based PC.

    For storage of external files, we recommend Google Drive, Dropbox, or setting up a NAS drive to store your documents.  This approach allows you to scan and save external documents, create backups, set access policies, track revisions, portability, etc..

  • What browsers do you recommend for Dibcase?

    Dibcase can run on any modern web browser. However, our development staff and testers can only guarantee that it works on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Some users have reported issues with the Mac “Safari” browser.

  • What legal practice areas does Dibcase cover?

    Dibcase was built as a comprehensive Social Security case management solution. However, we now offer an unlimited number of practice areas and user customizations with the option of creating custom fields and custom field groups. This exciting feature essentially allows users to create and customize claims for almost any application.

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