What unique or shared features does Dibcase have compared to other legal software?

  • Time tracking automations for many common tasks
  • Integrated SSD and VA forms and internal document editing system – Dibcase exclusive
  • Medical records tracking – Dibcase exclusive
  • Fee tracking and reporting – Dibcase* other LCM systems only track client billing
  • Case status importing – Dibcase exclusive
  • Expense ledger
  • Hundreds of customized fields for SSD case management with merge capabilities Dibcase exclusive
  • Does not require Salesforce as a platform ($75+ per user plus add-ons)
  • Free remote access without 3rd party integrations like AirDesk ($99 per user per month)
  • Dropbox Integration with configurable client portal
  • Custom fields and custom field groups
  • Robust user customizable reports – Dibcase exclusive
  • Track and export representation fees – Dibcase exclusive
  • Track case related expenses for medical records and other items.
  • SSD specific automations for denials and appeals – Dibcase exclusive
  • Free email and SMS –Dibcase exclusive
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