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If you’re not using Dibcase to track your billable hours, you’re probably losing money

For a variety of reasons, fee petitions are becoming more necessary than ever in Social Security disability cases. Are you getting paid for all the work you do? With billable rates potentially running at $200 or more an hour, you can’t afford not to be accurately tracking every billable activity.

In your busy law office, it probably not uncommon for you or your staff to not manually note every potential billable activity performed – potentially costing you thousands every month!


Dibcase automatically tracks many common and not so common case management activities:

  1. Adding an incoming or outgoing call? – With our automated workflow, Dibcase will make a note entry of who made or received the call and calculate a billable amount based on employee billable rate x time spent on the call
  2. Adding a task? – 1 hour time entry created by default and automatically added to notes
  3. Adding an appointment? – Dibcase will add the appointment to your notes and assign a time value based on the length of the appointment
  4. Creating a document and adding it to a claim? Dibcase will create a default 30 min. time entry and record it to your notes.
  5. Sending an email? Dibcase will record the email details to your notes and auto-assign a 15 min. value.

Once you’re ready to print your “Services Rendered” statement for your fee petition, you simply hit the “export notes” button on the client’s page and you have all the information you need to document your fee petition. Once exported, manual adjustments can be made to the spreadsheet data to ensure accuracy before attaching to your fee petition.

Missing just 1 hour per month of a billable activity could cost your firm $200 or more – the price of 3 Dibcase licenses!

By automating much of the process, Dibcase could save you thousands of dollars each month by ensuring that you and your staff are capturing all billable activities and getting paid for the work you do.

To make sure your staff is on track, Dibcase admins can monitor individual staff members billable hours for the week, month, etc.

Ask yourself
this question -can you afford not to use Dibcase?

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