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What Makes Dibcase Great

Document Generation

Use our built-in forms and template editor to create hundreds of merge letters for every purpose.

Fee Tracking

Track and collect your fees with Dibcase. Track fees for each title, fee petitions, and more.

Custom Fields & Field Groups

Create custom intake fields, deadline dates, and whole new workflows with our unique custom field groups.

OHO and AC Spreadsheet Imports

Simply download your spreadsheet from the SSA website and import into Dibcase. Update all of your cases at once.

List Based

Client lists, claims lists, and tasks lists for those who love lists!


Our calendar integrates with Google Calendar

Dropbox and Google Drive Integrations

Link to your favorite cloud storage solutions and view the client folders in Dibcase.

Task Manager

Task manager with unlimited sub-tasks and much more.

And Much More...

Get a demo today and see even more features you’ll love.

Dibcase Client Page

Dibcase Dashboard

Does your outdated legal software need an upgrade?

Cloud Based Remote Access

Legacy software limits you to working from your desk—slowing your workflows and making you less effective.

Dibcase is a truly cloud based solution that you can use on the go with your laptop, iPad, or other mobile device.

Simplified Software Updates

Whether there are five or 500 computers at your law firm’s office,
making sure everyone’s software is up to date and working properly can
be a pain. If you’re still using an on-premise solution, you know what
it’s like to block out large chunks of time for you and your team to
tediously update the latest version of the software—you may even need to
pay your provider for these upgrades as well!

Because we’re based in the cloud, Dibcase consistently implements software
updates to constantly improve performance and functionality. All of this
happens automatically and without any additional cost to your firm, and
without any time investment needed from you.

Eliminate Downtime

Whether due to outdated hardware or a natural disaster, on-premise solutions inherently
risk downtime. When the system is down, you can’t work!

Dibcase is hosted on Amazon Web Services – the same trusted provider that hosts Fortune 500 corporate and
banking clients.

Save Money

Legacy solutions have a higher cost of ownership, as they require hardware, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Plus, you’re often locked into an expensive multi-year contract.

They’re Inefficient

Standalone legal technology solutions waste time on double data entry and toggling between
multiple tools for document generation, time-tracking, and client management.

Generate documents inside of Dibcase and print them from your browser -no other software necessary.