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The Dibcase Advantage...

Cloud Based

Conveniently access Dibcase securely from home, the office, or on the go. Integrate with Google Drive or Dropbox

Automated Denial Workflow

Save time and eliminate errors and let Dibcase automatically calculate appeal deadlines, update claim levels, and log note entries

Fee Tracking

Collect fees more efficiently with Dibcase. Dibcase tracks representation fees, pending fees, and fee petition data on each claim

Custom Field Groups

Earn more money by expanding your practice areas and creating your own custom claims types

OHO and A/C Imports

Save hours every month by downloading your spreadsheets and upload them directly into Dibcase. Dibcase imports 13 fields directly to each claim -including hearing date and time, ALJ name, VE name, hearing location, disposition, and more

Dedicated Client Medical Section

Track client’s medical providers, conditions, and medications in Dibcase’s dedicated contact, medical, and medication section for each client.

Dedicated Records Processing Module

Request and get your records uploaded on time and don’t spend more than you have to. Track medical record statuses, payments, amounts due, receipts, other expenses, etc. 

Manage Your Cases Quickly and Efficiently

With our feature packed Claims List page, you can filter and manage your case efficiently and make sure you collect the fees you are due.

Dibcase Client Page

Dibcase Medical Records Module

Dibcase Filterable Claims List Page

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