Development Notes: 09/02/2018 Custom Fields and Custom Field Groups

We are excited to announce that we now have custom fields and custom field groups to organize your case management workload.

Now, you can create custom field groups to handle any situation. Some examples for Social Security practitioners could include:

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Practice Tip #1 Getting Paid When There’s No Backpay

Over the years Social Security has moved more and more towards amending onset dates on disability cases. This results in lost income for both clients and representatives. In those cases, the representative must decide – based on the best interest of the client whether to appeal the decision or accept the reduction in back-pay and resultant loss of fees.

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Practice Tools: PDFsam

p>One great tool that we’ve found for splitting up ODAR or OHO PDF files (Mac only) is PDFsam.
What PDFsam allows you to do is split an “ERE” file into separate files and automatically name them according to the bookmarks.
The great thing is – its free too! We’ve looked for equivalent tools for the PC but haven’t been able to find anything that equals the functionality of this great little program.
For more information visit:
PDFsam Basic

Note Export Enhancements

p>We’ve updated the notes export function so that it will now be easier to print out and attach documentation of your services rendered for fee petition requests.
Billing amounts are based on the employee that performed the service and Dibcase even calculates the billed amount based on the time.
Another great Dibcase feature to streamline the workflow and save time!
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Practice Tools: Dropbox

There are many reviews on the web concerning Dropbox. At Dibcase Software we decided to offer Dropbox integration as a standard because we have used Dropbox at our company and have had a very good experience with it. If you are not familiar with online storage options, here is a link with a solid review to get your started.

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Practice Tools: Dynalist

Some of us are organization junkies and we’re always looking for new tools or apps to help us keep things organized. One such tool I’ve discovered is called The great thing about this app is it’s free and offers enough features and functionality to make it useful for storing information in lists. Dynalist is also searchable. Let me illustrate this by giving an example. You can copy and past SSR’s, language from ALJ decisions, briefs, etc. and dynamically search through those documents. This is especially useful when creating a new appeal. You can search for a judge, a ruling, or any relevant keyword. Dynalist uses a drill down feature so you can embed sub pages ad infinitum. Check it out and if you like the tool, leave a comment.

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Expandable SSA-3373

We’ve added an SSA-3373 that you can use that has expandable text boxes for adding as much information as you need to fully document your conditions.

No information is submitted or stored on our website and you can save the page to your computer for further editing. You will need to export as a .pdf or print before submitting to SSA.

The form can be saved as an .html document so you can recall and edit the finished product.

Function Report Ssa

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