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There are many reviews on the web concerning Dropbox. At Dibcase Software we decided to offer Dropbox integration as a standard because we have used Dropbox at our company and have had a very good experience with it. If you are not familiar with online storage options, here is a link with a solid review to get your started.

For a disability office, Dropbox can specifically offer:

1. Accessibility – Mobile access to your clients files and documents from a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device across platforms
2. Client Portal – You can create a secure shared folder with your client where they can upload records, comment on files, and edit documents such as forms
3. Alerts – You get alerted when a client adds documents to their shared folder
4. Portability – Your files are always with you no matter what case management software you use
5. Security – Your files are secure and don’t need to be manually backed up by you onto an external drive or thumb drive
6. Dibcase Integration – You can access your clients Dropbox folder directly from Dibcase to see what files are present.
7. Recoverability – With Dropbox if folders or files are accidentally or maliciously deleted, they can be restored.

Most off-the-shelf legal case management applications that offer internal storage cannot offer the accessibility, client access, alerts, portability, security, and integrations offered by tested platforms like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc.

In conclusion, at Dibcase software offer premium integrations with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. to make sure our clients have all of the benefits of a modern cloud based storage platform and are not bound to legacy methods of storage that lack security, portability, accessibility, accountability, etc.

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