Prevail Legal Case Management Software Review 2022


Prevail Case Management Software was initially released in 1993. Since that time, it has developed through multiple iterations and was last updated in early 2022 to version 9. It’s latest release  included several enhancements such as new features, functionality, and integrations.

While most legal software has abandoned the on-premise software model, Prevail continues to rely on its dated architecture and interface. For most legal users, having a cloud based platform is a non-negotiable requirement. In the cloud environment, you can integrate with online storage solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. With it’s older architecture, simple integrations such as Google Calendar are not possible in the current release. The existing integrations rely on old desktop versions of Adobe Acrobat, Word, and Quickbooks. Some integrations, such as the ERE functionality, require users to subscribe to other vendors and pay extra for those features.


With older server based technology like Prevail, users are responsible for downloading patches and updating the software manually. In addition, users also have to manually download and update the document template library. Each update requires users to upgrade and pay additional fees for new functionality. With an SAAS based platform, updates are free and the system is automatically updated without any manual updates required by users. With a server based system, you are responsible for your own security and have to backup your software to prevent data loss. Cloud based solutions are also scalable and automatically backup user data. With cloud based software, performance is measured and additional resources can be brought online to meet increased demand. For these reasons and more, law firms have been migrating to the cloud for years.

Prevail has an SAAS option that lets users pay either $49 per month for the basic plan or $119 per month for additional functionality. You can also purchase a license for you and your team for around $4,000 USD. This purchase still requires a server and workstations be installed and does not allow you or your team to work remotely. To enable your team to work remotely with this system, you have to purchase additional software for remote desktop functionality or use a service that they promote such as “AirDesk” legal. To remotely host your server and software in the cloud, it is an additional cost of $100 per user per month.

This isn’t a purchase and forget software solution. Users are also required to pay a yearly maintenance fee to keep their software up to date with the latest patches and updated forms.

The Verdict

Once the clear leader in the SSD specific software space, their lack of innovation and their inability to produce a cloud based CMS, means Prevail is becoming increasingly irrelevant. As such, attorneys are choosing other cloud based solutions that offer better value and more closely fit the needs of modern law firms.

I would look elsewhere for an SAAS product that offers more value in the space.
For SSD focused firms, Dibcase software matches and exceeds the functionality of Prevail but doesn’t come with any of the drawbacks that Prevail presents.

If Prevail were to release a cloud version, in the future, it will also have to be offered on an SAAS or subscription model. To date, they’ve not published any roadmap that includes a cloud based offering. The question is,  is Prevail capable of creating a modern SAAS based product and more importantly, should we even care?


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