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System Status:



Issue: Date Error

This error occurs due to an issue with the date plugin. We are working to resolve this issue within 24 hours.

Resolution: RESOLVED

Issue: Calendar “All day events" errors


Resolution: PENDING

Issue: Phone number and email address not saving when doing intakes


Resolution: RESOLVED

Issue: Phone number not saving when added on client edit page


Resolution: RESOLVED

Workaround – You must add a space or a name in the “Name" field of the phone number – it is a required field.

Issue: Navigation search box not closing when selection made

03/25/2019 9:00 AM

Resolution: RESOLVED

Issue: Check-boxes not rendering properly when printing from Firefox browser

Resolution: Use Google Chrome until issue is resolved

Issue: You are logged into multiple PC’s error

Resolution: Clear the cookies on your browser.

Mozilla Firefox instructions

Google Chrome instructions

Issue: Slow or unresponsive browser

Resolution: Refresh your browser because there may be changes that were implemented since your last login. Refreshing the browser automatically updates the application.

Issue: Document not refreshing when printing

Resolution: KNOWN

Workaround – Refresh your browser which will clear the print cache. Then, reopen the document for printing.

Issue: Client page not refreshing when new client searched and selected

Resolution: RESOLVED

You can now switch to a new client when on a clients page and all data will refresh

Issue: Launching external document shows no data

Resolution: Known

Workaround – Open the document with the preview mode, save it, and then it will be visible when launched in external window

Issue: Multi-Page Documents Printing Incorrectly

Resolution: RESOLVED

Print forms using chrome and adjust settings in print advanced settings