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Free Training Resources
Dibcase Training Resources
CategorySubjectIn-App HelpForumsResourceUser ManualNotes
Training VideoDocument Assembly 101--YouTube-
WorkflowDibcase Case Development Part 2--PDF-
WorkflowDibcase Case Development Part 1--PDF-
Training VideoDibcase Case Management 101--Video-
Training VideoDibcase 101 Part 1--Video-
Training VideoClause Library & Medical Summary Reports--Video-
Training VideoQuick Start 2022--Video-
ModulesQuick Tip #03: Module FilteringYesArticleVideo-02/2022
ModulesQuick Tip #02: Toggle Module Visibility-ArticleVideo-12/2021
PipelinesQuick Tip #01: Duplicating and Assigning Custom Pipelines-ArticleVideo-12/2021
PipelinesSetting up Pipelines & Note TemplatesNew-Article---
WorkflowCreating and tracking medical records requestsNew-Article---
WebinarWeb Forms and Modules 10/14/2021--Video--
Document GenerationDocument Merge Templates With Word-ArticleVideo--
FormsUsing Client Forms-ArticleVideo--
ManualsDibcase User Manual - 09/2021--Word--
Case ManagementODAR & AC Importing-Article---
Email & SMSEmail & SMSYes Article Video--
IntakesLead StagesYes- Video--
FormsCreating Custom Intake Forms-Article-Yes-
Case ManagementCreating Custom Field Groups and New Practice Areas---Yes-
Case ManagementSSA Appeal & Denial Automations----Coming Soon
Case ManagementAdding Notes and Billable Time Entries----Coming Soon
ReportsReport GenerationYesYes Video--
PortalClient Portal Guide-- PDF--
PortalStaff Client Portal Guide-- PDF--
SetupAdding EmployeesYes--Yes-
ContactsAdding ContactsYesArticle Video--
Document GenerationBasic Document Generation Using TemplatesYesYes Video--
Document GenerationAdvanced PDF Document EditingYes Article Video--
Document GenerationDibcase Merge Fields 2023YesYesPDF--
Document GenerationAdobe E-SignYesYesVideo--
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