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– Teri M.

Overall: I'm very new to this program but so far, I have already seen how it is going to help me with time management and with the statistics of my business. Pros: Ability to create your own templates and then have your necessary forms, letters and documents at the click of a button. You always know the number of active clients you have at a glance. Customization of your company logo and documents. Import capabilities with OHO and spreadsheets you've created. Ability to export reports of many types. Ability to link with DropBox and Google Drive. Customer service-I have never had such great customer service. I'm the 'wanna be techie-but mess it up' person.The rep has been responsive to all my questions and has assisted me directly many times and at odd hours. He makes sure you understand what any issues are and how to be able to use all options independently. And last, but not least, the price was a clincher. Cons: Learning how to navigate and use all the features is time consuming--but is that really a con? That's true with any new program you choose.

Teri Meinzer

– Michael Stephen S. Linked in square Paralegal (E.D.P.N.A.) clerk Legal Services

Excellent software case management for Social Security disability benefits administrative practice” Pros: The case management software I have seen requires the law firm or advocacy companies to work around the software’s idiosyncracies, involves duplicated efforts inside and outside of the software, and has features that are so cumbersome to use that they go unused (no matter how useful and powerful those features might be); in contrast, DIB Case works around your practice. DIB Case is extensible allowing you to add features that do not exist out of the box. DIB Case is very internally interconnected which makes case/file reviews easy ...

– Sarah B.

Great software program! Super efficient and powerful.” Dibcase streamlines daily tasks so you get more done. As an individual just starting her own consulting business this program will help keep aligned to my goals and it will grow with me. I can’t say enough about Dibcase and highly recommend it to everyone who uses/needs a legal case management software program. Dibcase simply takes it to the next level and will not disappoint.

– Karen H. Esq.

Great Social Security Program Pros: The ease of use. Great customer support. Cons: nothing really comes to mind. If I needed to be really critical, I would say the inability for emails to come back into dibcase, instead of going into my email only. Overall: I have been a Social Security disability attorney for over 13 years. I have used different software programs and systems. But, none have even come close to the organization that this program gives me and my staff. No longer am I concerned about missing deadlines-dibcase has me covered. The message board enables me to see ...

– Sarah H., Esq.

Excellent Software Especially for Social Security Attorneys Pros: Input deadlines based on the denial date and it automatically calculates the date to appeal so you will never miss a deadline. Additionally, I love the Dropbox feature wherein a folder is created for each client and is easily accessible from the program. The message board and stick notes are also an added benefit. Cons: I have found nothing yet. However, I wish that the medical records and documents could be added directly to the client’s account without having to use Dropbox. Overall: They are excellent! Any questions about their program are ...

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