Legal CRM
Automation PlatformNEW

Automated Actions (SMS & Email)

  • Appointment reminders for staff & clients
  • Task due date reminders
  • Case related alerts with diary creation
  • Note tagging for @staff members
  • Time-based pipeline actions

Educate and Inform Your Clients with
Time-Based Personalized
Automation Sequences

What tools / features are used to support these workflows?

  • We start with a secure, U.S. based, AWS EC2 cloud solution
  • Document Generation is conducted with our advanced internal document editor that can also import PDF merge forms. We provided a document manager for easily finding forms. We then formatted hundreds of documents and forms for you and added them to the application.
  • Internal Calendar with New automated SMS, Email, and popup alerts for clients and staff
  • Advanced Task Management with templates, sub-tasks, client and staff email and SMS reminders
  • Income & Expense Tracking across practice areas
  • Client Portal with two-way messaging, file sharing, and more
  • Contact Manager Rolodex with tags
  • Time-Tracking and Exportable Notes
  • Internal Storage and Integrations with DropBox and Google Drive
  • Team Features including productivity tracking, roles, and exportable activities reports
  • Automation Tools New custom process pipelines (with kanban style interface) unlimited boards with aging feature
  • Lead Management with our leads pipeline and user editable stages
  • Pre-loaded and Formatted SSD and VA Merge Templates we maintain for you
  • User Editable Reports across all practice areas
  • Digital Intake Forms with unlimited forms at no extra cost
  • SSD Appeal & Denial Automations for your convenience
  • Send automated SMS & email Messages with our Twilio integration
  • Time-Tracking and Exportable Notes per client or matter
  • Import OHO and AC Case Statuses from SSA spreadsheets for mass case updates
  • Medical Records Tracking Module can track record requests, payments, and more
  • Custom Fee Tracking Modules can track fees from all sources and create custom reports
"Excellent solution for solo, small, or mid-size practice case management!"
This software is easy to learn and easy to use. The document generation tool is the most efficient and easy to use of any software I have tried or used. The cost fits any small firm budget but does not lack any of the essential elements of the case management software used by large law firms throughout the country. Highly recommended for any firm seeking to simplify their case management process!...
Lori T.
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