Customized for SSD & VA
Attorneys and Advocates

Cloud Based
Legal Case Management

A Fresh Approach to Case Management

  • Built-in Two-Way Text Messaging with multiple conversations for each client with time tracking
  • Task Management - Dibcase has the best task management system you'll find in any legal software
  • ChatGPT AI Integrationwith unique functionality and prompts
  • Client Intake Forms
  • Interactice Client Portal let's you collaborate with clients
  • Document Generation with our internal editor, MS Word and PDF merge documents
  • E-Sign Functionality with Adobe Acrobat
  • Document Management with internal storage, GDrive, and DropBox integrations
  • RingCentral integration with status, SMS, video conferencing, and more
  • Calendar with Google Calendar Integration
  • Open Marketplace Feature Let's you collaborate with vendors of your choice
  • Invoice Generation
  • Contact Manager with SSA and VA Offices
  • Lead Management Tools
  • User Editable Reports Module

  • SSD & VA Extra Features

  • Track Billable Time and Generate Statements of Services Rendered for fee petitions
  • Import Your OHO & A/C spreadsheets for secure easy case updates
  • Create & Track Medical Record Requests with dedicated records functionality
  • Pre-loaded and Formatted SSD and VA Merge Templates that we maintain for you
  • Track Outstanding Fees with detailed reports and advanced functionality
  • Custom Case Stages for VA cases with integrated government rolodex
  • Interactive Portal Designed for Case Management enables clients to track their symptoms, update their conditions, providers, tests, send secure messages, file sharing, and more

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"Excellent solution for solo, small, or mid-size practice case management!"
This software is easy to learn and easy to use. The document generation tool is the most efficient and easy to use of any software I have tried or used. The cost fits any small firm budget but does not lack any of the essential elements of the case management software used by large law firms throughout the country. Highly recommended for any firm seeking to simplify their case management process!...
Lori T.
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