Game-changing benefits for your disability firm...

Whether you run a busy solo practice or manage a team, Dibcase will transform your practice with our innovative case management solution.

  • Convert more leads with our customizable leads pipeline
  • Select the best qualified clients with our detailed custom intake forms
  • Never miss deadlines with our denial automations
  • Shorten phone calls with our SMS and client forms features
  • Capture more billable time with our auto-time entries
  • Improve team performance with productivity tracking features
  • Provide better customer service with employee presence tracking
  • Access client’s information faster with multiple search options: SSN, name, phone, tags
  • Save time completing forms with hundreds of PDF forms and merge templates provided
  • Closely track medical records development with our records ledger and dedicated records module

A modern responsive interface that runs securely in your browser...

Trusted by SSD firms...

All the case management tools you need in one place...

  • Dibcase is hosted on AWS cloud servers so your whole team can use the software from home or the office
  • Your data is private and we don't share your client's information with 3rd parties nor do we allow any outside access to our systems
  • Generate employee productivity and workload reports with our easy report builder
  • Lead Stages create your custom lead stages and get more control over the intake process
  • Custom fields and forms design your own intake questions and add custom fields to claims and other matters. Share custom forms with your clients.
  • Dashboard with realtime information to help you run your business
  • Integrated template editor and PDF merge forms with hundreds of included letters and forms.

  • Automations for appeals, denials, and more
  • Time Tracking with automated time entries
  • Contact manager -your address book with tagging and list based interface
  • Integrated calendar with Google Calendar integration
  • Dropbox and Google Drive storage integrations facilitate data portability and security
  • Fee tracking and projection of SSD fees
  • "Great Social Security Program"
    I have been a Social Security disability attorney for over 13 years. I have used different software programs and systems. But, none have even come close to the organization that this program gives me and my staff...
    Karen H.
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