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Who is Dibcase for?

Attorneys, non-attorneys, EDPNA’s, and anyone involved in the Social Security representation process that wants a powerful, secure, and responsive cloud based practice management solution.


What problems does Dibcase solve?

Ever missed an appeal deadline and ended up facing a disappointed and angry client?
Dibcase’s denial workflow creates the necessary appeal entries and redundantly tracks appeal deadlines on the calendar, dashboard, and claims list page – Never miss another deadline again with Dibcase.


Missed a 5-day deadline and the judge refused to admit the outstanding evidence post-hearing?…Dibcase’s custom deadlines panel has you covered.


Wasted time manually completing the same forms over and over again? Dibcase includes all the automated forms you’ll need right out of the box


Manually added hearings, dates, times, judges, etc. from OHO spreadsheets because you don’t have an automated process to import that information?…Dibcase imports OHO and Appeals Council spreadsheets and updates the cases for you.


Dibcase solves these problems and so many more…

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Need a live chat feature on your website to help with customer engagement and conversions? Here is a list of some popular services that may help…
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Dibcase Recognized by Experts

Our team is excited that Dibcase has been recognized as one of the best free and open source legal case management apps. We are the only app in the Social Security space that offers a “freemium” model with a robust feature set. Free users get access to the full functionality ...
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New Security Feature

To enhance security, we have added a new auto-logout feature for admins. This feature allows admins to set a time interval for how long an employee is inactive before being logged out of Dibcase. Setting this value to “0” will disable the feature, although we don’t recommend that. To set ...
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Development Update

We are using a new more efficient method to track employee login and presence indicators on the dashboard panel. In addition we are going to be adding a chat feature in-app to enhance communication. We will be adding pop-up appointment and task reminders soon.
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