About us

Dibcase Software, LLC is based in the United States and was founded in 2017. That same year, we selected our team and development began. We went into beta in 2018 and officially launched in 2019 at the NADR and NOSSCR conferences. Due to the pandemic, we chose not to attend those conferences until further notice. Since our official launch, we’ve added many exciting new features that have since put Dibcase into a class of its own.

In 2021, we plan on polishing the user experience and adding additional functionality for VA, Workers Comp, and Personal Injury cases while continuing to build the best SSD case management experience on the web.

Message from our CEO

As a former SSA employee and advocate with 25 years in the field, I welcome you to take a look at Dibcase for your SSD case management needs.

My vision for Dibcase began in 2013 with the simple goal of creating an affordable solution to modernize SSD case management. Since that time I’ve worked with our development team and users to make our solution comprehensive yet affordable and user friendly. To stay focused and to keep costs down, we selected core functionality that we felt added the most value to SSD firms. While software maintenance and development is an ongoing process, we proudly present Dibcase as a complete solution for the majority of small and mid-sized SSD firms.

We understand that no software solution is the perfect fit for every firm. However, if you are an SSD professional, I encourage you to schedule a demo to see if Dibcase is the right fit for your firm. We know you won’t be disappointed as Dibcase is the best all around case management solution for attorneys and advocates in this space. And, if you are just starting out, ask about our free option. Thank you for your time…

CEO and Founder – James E. Allen

James E. Allen
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