Our Story

In 2017, we organized a development team to bring the next generation of cloud SSD software to the Social Security advocacy community. We spent the first two years designing and developing a solution that we hoped would be a balance of functionality and efficiency. We carefully scrutinized all the facets of the application and built it using the latest web technologies.

To minimize complexity and feature bloat we intentionally steered away from trying to create just another one-size-fits-all application forcing users to customize their own experience. For example, we added hundreds of fields, forms, and automations targeted specifically to SSD firms. We wanted to accomplish all of this and make it accessible to users through a web browser that didn’t require a server or expensive hardware. We saw how the cloud could help small to mid-size law firms keep their technology simple and cost-efficient. After almost two years of development we introduced the SAAS version of Dibcase at the NADR conference in 2019. We also debuted Dibcase at the September 2019 NOSSCR conference in New Orleans.

Our committment to you is simple -to build you a product that will not only deliver value but empower you to take your practice to the next level.
We'd love to meet you and I encourage you to try Dibcase.

- James E. Allen CEO, Founder
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