Use our secure portal to communicate with customers

Instead of relying on scattered channels of communication (email, phone, text messages, traditional mail), the Dibcase client portal will become your platform for client communications with your firm. With the Dibcase client portal you are able to send secure messages, share forms, documents, events, and more.  This feature will help you cut down on the number of status calls from clients and save you and your staff time and resources.

Portal Features:

Easy dashboard for clients

Add announcements that are shared in all client portals

Clients can update their contact info such as address, phone, and email address

Share notes and clients can add notes

Clients can add and update their medical providers, conditions, medications, and testsNEW

Clients can keep a symptom diary that is filterable and exportableNEW

Events or calendar

Case status for all matters

Share and upload documents

Share forms for your client to complete and submit


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